More new Peter Potato screenshots!…..well, kind of new… ;)

Here they are. I plan to go PP bonkers for a couple of weeks, so there should be some more screenshots coming pretty soon. (can I hear gasps of excitement, joy and anticipation?…gasps of disbelief?…or simply gasps?…or can I hear the deadly silence of this echoey server?… no, I can hear the sound of seaguls making sweet love…charming)

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3 responses to “More new Peter Potato screenshots!…..well, kind of new… ;)”

  1. Dave Griffiths Avatar

    Looking good! I love the progression map… it makes quite a difference to be able to see where you are in the game like that.

    1. Philip Avatar

      Thanks Dave! Is your fluxus tutorial still happening next week?

      1. Dave Griffiths Avatar

        Certainly is… I’m not at all ready yet though! :)