After spending 3 weeks working full time on Peter Potato, it’s probably less finished than before. But…

it is without doubt a much better game (hopefully – so there is a little doubt). The characters are starting to come to life and as I add sounds the environments are becoming more immersive too. Still have a lot to do. It might end up being a strange collection of unrelated mini games, although possibly not strange enough. Hmmm I need another brain to allow me to see what I'm actually doing as opposed to what i think i'm doing. I guess that's what other people are. Need to set up that testing session at Loading. Need to sort out the title page. Need to sort out the theme music. Need to sort out the script, story, sfx, eyeballs, feet, peas, shop, scoring, skateboard PP, second body, horizontal scrolling…. and then get it all to work on iphone3. such fun :)