The Naturalist : Woodlands


‘The Naturalist : Woodlands’ is a relaxing nature simulation game.

The player manages a small plot of land: planting (or cutting down) trees, shrubs, plants, and flowers in order to create habitats and maximise biodiversity.

The game educates the player about the complexity and beauty of natural ecosystems through play. In turn making them more passionate and engaged with rewilding and protecting our natural environment.

While the game can be enjoyed by anyone, it is specifically aimed at people living in urban environments who have limited interaction with the natural environment.

The game is a relaxing semi passive experience that encourages the player to observe and learn as opposed to actively controlling the environment. Players watch the woodland grow and evolve, experiencing the natural beauty of the interactions between species, or try to complete simple objectives which require them to understand the ecosystem interactions more deeply.

To force a more relaxed approach, game time will progress very slowly – encouraging the player to return once every few days to check how their woodland is growing and evolving. It will take 1 year of real time to grow a 50-year-old tree in game.