Games made by us for us

OCO (iOS/ Android/ Steam) OUT NOW

A minimalist one-touch puzzle-platformer with procedurally-generated soundtrack

Finalist TIGA Games Industry Awards 2021 – Best Audio Design
Finalist Pocket Gamer People’s Choice Award 2020
Finalist Google Play Indie Games Showcase 2019
Finalist Big Indie Pitch Pocket Gamer 2019

‘OCO is an exceptionally clever one-touch puzzle-platformer’ Pocketer Gamer 8/10

‘Gloriously addictive and intelligent puzzles’ Touch Arcade 8/10

Unannounced woodland game (Steam/ iOS/ Android/ Switch) 2025

Unannounced racing game (Steam/ iOS/ Android/ Switch) 2025

Selected for funding by UK Games Fund R6 2020

Peter Potato (iOS) OUT NOW

A quirky whimsical game for children – designed to inspire a love of vegetables in a fun and informative way


Games made by us for clients

A retro arcade style light gun game to be used as an attractor at live events

E-learning strategy game educating players about the CO2 impact of different aspects of the construction industry

Real-time interactive archictectural walkthrough