Explorations of the relationship between digital technology, creativity, nature, and humanity

Growing trees with code

Creating trees dynamically using meshes in Unity

Sculpting using light

Torch + Arduino experiments

More info – coming soon

Mo Cap proc-gen music

More info – coming soon

OCO proc-gen music system

More info – coming soon

OCO post GameSparks – sharing levels using jpgs

More info – coming soon

Form generation from music files

More info – coming soon

Creating a dynamic character mouth system

More info – coming soon

Real world physical / virtual game environments

More info – coming soon

A board game / video game hybrid

The player moves around the physical board until they reach a ‘challenge’ junction when they must complete a short video game to determine how they progress

More info – coming soon

Interactive viewer influenced/ controlled film

Gamified automated veg patch service

Transcoding an image as an audio array

Dancing AI robot

Rubbish Game – A game following the life-cycle of a plastic object

Consequences – A game demonstracting the consequences of our decisions and actions