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Oculus (th)Rift

I was given one of these cardbaord virtual reality headsets at Apps World a couple of weeks ago, and it’s pretty good. Not quite as immersive as the 1st Oculus Rift, mainly due to a lack of strap, and light creaping around the cardboard, but quite amazing for free! (you do need a phone though). I had a quick play with the Oculus Samsung Gear VR at the show as well, and like this cardboard headset it uses a mobile phone as a screen. I’m not really sure what more the Samsung Gear offers compared with the cardboard version…. except for a strap. It will be intersting to see what happens once these headsets hit the shops. I wonder if I start developing for VR?


Masters Of Doom

I’ve just finished reading 'Masters Of Doom: How two guys created an empire and transformed pop culture' by David Kushner – top notch! If you need a little inspiration, a bit of a video game history lesson, and a bit of thrilling read, then this is ideal. It follows the lives of John Romero and John Carmack, the birth of id software, it’s decay, the fun and intense effort and energy involved in making games, and the dynamic nature of the games industry. It’s inspired me to spend the next 2 weeks working, eating, and sleeping in the same room to make sure that I get PP on the way to the App store. Just need to go and stock the fridge with Coca Cola and pizza….

The best review of the worst game

I don't normally read 'gamestm' magazine (, but we went away for a couple of days at the weekend so I thought I would use some of my Christmas money and treat myself. I have to admit that my main reason for buying it was that Chaos Engine by bitmap brothers was featured in the retro section – an amazing game that almost made me fork out for a new joystick so that I could get somewhere near completing it, I didn't fork. Anyway, so I was browsing through the reviews of more current games, looking at the scores and possibly reading the final paragraphs, when I came across a 1/10. Yes, 1 out of 10. That's pretty bad, in fact I have not seen one for a long time. To quote the anonymous reviewer's final comment 'A genuinely unpleasant and hateful game'.

Family Guy: Back To The Multiverse is this hateful game. I have never understood why anyone would want to watch the tv Tramadol series, so I was very happy to read that this reviewer shared my views. The offensive humour of the tv series is what really grates on me, I find it basic, cheap and crass. And it seems that this 'humour' has been multiplied (in the wrong direction) in this game. To quote the 'gamestm' review again '…it is one of the most genuinely insulting, vile and crassly offensive pieces of so-called entertainment we have ever seen'. I have to admit that I am tempted to experience such a shocking game, but I don't want give anyone involved in this any money whatsoever, so I think it will be a short youtube session instead.
So to conclude, I am very happy to read that this sort of aggressive, hateful product has been shunned by a well-known gaming magazine and hope that the people involved will question whether this is really what they want to be contributing to society.

It’s cold, it’s winter, it’s wet….

As someone famous almost said '3 months moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it'

It's been 3 months since the last post and Peter Potato (for iOS) has not progressed as much as I would have hoped, but nonetheless it is getting better! I will be introducing a challenge mode, whereby other in-game characters challenge you to a game of something (football, turbo running, manic maths etc) and you can choose to accept or decline the challenge at the risk of winning or losing combo points (combos). If you win you unlock the character card which gives details of the vegetables pros and cons. There will also be a new level select page which will show an overview of the world of Peter Potato land (vegbox town?), hopefully making the story a bit more clear.

The website is now up and running, , and will be slowly refined over the coming weeks before I start posting the link to various websites/magazines etc. I think it's looking pretty good, but if anyone has any comments please let me know. I also hope to get a soundtrack and promo video produced over the next month or two.